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    The Future of Physics Medicine: Neuroscience + Precision Mechanical Stimulation

    Wearable noninvasive neuromodulation gives

    Power Over Pain

    Harmonic Pain Solutions (a spinoff of Pain Care Labs) is an NIH-funded medical technology company leading the therapeutic M-Stim field. An array of frequencies mounted on our rigid back brace use harmonic complexity to target spine, nerve, or muscle pain. Precision patient-controlled options, including heat, cold, and pressure - combine with the multi-dimensional M-stim sensation combinations. Using connectome neuroscience, neuromodulation, and local tissue therapy, DuoTherm is intended to be the first device FDA-indicated and CMS-covered for opioid reduction. 

    Reasons to Invest

    • World-class team with combined 60+ years of medical device experience: led by scientist-entrepreneur and NIH pioneer in vibration pain reduction, advised by biotech consultants from City Science Center and Columbia University, with successful FDA 510(k) and ISO-13485 certs.
    • Phase II trial underway, Pilot reduced pain 57%: our devices are ready for distribution, awaiting the first De Novo indication for opioid use pending the completion of the acute and chronic low back pain trials NCT04491175 and  NCT04494698.
    • Already raised $5M in non-dilutive grants for project: No previous dilution.
    • Established key accounts and TAM of $4.3B: 11M failed epidurals, .5M lumbar surgeries, 1M injuries covered by workers comp and 850RF ablations can be addressed with our device, replacing the braces covered at $1500 and obviating the need for opioids or even surgery.
    • Novel technology for unsatisfied market: The spine pain market is $122BN, with most patients seeking any option other than surgery. We have been first to market with our pain-canceling frequency for MSK pain, and have 12 issued utility patents and CIPs supporting our novel multimodal array of harmonic frequencies and thermal combinations.
    • Winner of National Institutes of Health SBA Tibbetts award: Our two SBIR Fast Tracks led to discoveries of the optimal combination of frequency and thermal pain relief, and the award recognizes the "economic, technical, and societal benefits of SBIR Funding". This is the same award 23&me won in 2016.
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