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Physical Therapist uses VibraCool Pro on a patient with a recent knee injury

Mechanical Stimulation* Pain Relief

Neuromodulation without E-Stim

VibraCool® and VibraCool Pro are the only wearable neuromodulation devices using mechanical stimulation therapy. Thermal and NEW high-frequency M-Stim® combined to treat restricted muscles and optimize gate control pain relief. Don’t zap your patients!

VibraCool gives POWER OVER PAIN.

  • Relieves pain on contact
  • Clinical research: 3.4x better than TENS
  • Simple, portable modality
  • Clinician and patient satisfaction - 100% guaranteed

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Intended Use for VibraCool Pro

  • Overuse Tendinitis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • ACL/IT Band Syndrome
  • Meniscal Injury
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Hip Pain
  • Stimulation Modality
  • Restricted Muscles

VibraCool Pro is the first FDA-cleared, drug-free multimodal neuromodulation device to treat pain from muscle tension and muscle restriction.

Time-tested. Clinically proven. Simple to use One Touch Therapy - Easy to Use for arthritic joints, no adhesives, wires or settings. Safe With Pacemakers. Relief On Contact - 3.4x more effective than TENS; Up to 35% opioid reduction.

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3.4x better than TENS

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Unique Refreezable Ice

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Proven effective

*A precise directional frequency of mechanical energy targeting pain-blocking position nerves (gate control)

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