What is an Affiliate?

We couldn’t do what we do without our global network! Our Affiliates work hard every day making their communities aware of our Buzzy® drug-free pain management solution.

With our Affiliates Program, everyone wins. As an affiliate, you benefit from a commission on every Pain Care Labs item sold. Your community benefits from the world’s best drug-free pain management solution and the security of a partner they trust - you. We benefit by having great affiliates like you sharing our products to those who need them most!

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It's Simple

  1. Apply to join the Pain Care Labs Affiliate Partner Program.
  2. Watch your email for an Acceptance Notification and access to a Welcome Kit.
  3. Watch your impact grow.

It's Rewarding

  1. Earn 5% commission on every item sold up to $5,000 (annually).
  2. Earn 10% on every item sold above $5,000 (annually).
  3. Continue to build loyal customer relationships by bringing them great products.

Add Pain Care Labs to your product offerings by enrolling in our Affiliate Program today. Click the apply now button to submit your application and start earning today!

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